Saturday, August 27, 2022

BMW Cars under surgery of Energy resources revolution

BMW Cars under surgery of Energy resources revolution

 BMW is known as a famous German sport car producer that always has an exciting surprise for car lovers all around the world. 2022 is the year of big changes, big revolution in politics, economics and the world of Automobiles.

Russia's Energy sanctions against European countries become a motivation for car industries such as BMW and Mercedes to introduce a new generation of electric cars and stand against Climate change and political threats of the Kremlin.
BMW for this purpose concentrates on the introduction of new electric models with exciting options and features that will change the world sport Sedans and SUVs.
For the first time BMW made a new generation of electric engines that used batteries and electricity as a clean energy resource.
This revolution was made by a series of Hybrid technologies and now, BMW is introducing a series of electric models of their different class.
These electric cars compete with different models of Tesla, Mercedes, Porsche and new brands such as Lucid and Chinese electric brands. But the advantages of having an electric BMW is that models such as BMW I8 make a qualified memory in the cars lovers mind and now the new generation of design is on the way to change the world of automotive.
BMW Electric cars based on the new generation of Artificial intelligence and services by applications, radars, sensors and Self driver system make a big change in the cars market in 2022.
BMW as a top qualified brand on the internet, will keep the position by introducing these models.This heavy surgery by revolution in the engines technology and energy resources will make BMW as a stable brand and profitable company for shareholders.
BMW also acts as a Dutch brand that enters the market with qualified electronic technology and services for the cars for protecting the passengers and achieving maximum quality for drivers and owners. This surgery will force other auto companies to change the way and make a big revolution in all sectors to compete and copy the technology and methods of BMW for making new cars!

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